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what is this? a court for ants?!
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WaapFu's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
New Zealand
I'm a very sad and very gay young adult who lives with her mum. I like drawing and painting, listening to music, playing crappy computer games, and dying slowly.
I like to think of myself as a good artist. I don't have a very specific art style at this time, especially when it comes to digital art. I should get there eventually.

As an artist, my strengths lie in my use of strong texture and contrast, and my patience that lets me do intricate details and rendering. Or at least that was the case in school.

Other cool fun facts about myself:
  • I have three cats: Noodles, Staunch, and Perfect for Beach Cricket (Beach Cricket or BC for short)
  • I dropped out of my last year of high school
  • I used to have about forty pets as a child despite living in a city, and about half of them were guinea pigs
  • I'm a Capricorn, born in the year of the Ox
  • My favourite animals are goats and rats
  • i like animals ok
  • I like a range of music genres, mostly alternative pop/rock and weird metal with way too many genre tags. There are plenty of exceptions, though.
    • At the moment, I'm especially into Coldplay and The Mars Volta
  • I like getting my hair dyed. It's currently green.
  • My favourite colour is green, with pink coming in at second
    • I generally don't like green and pink together, though
  • I used to drink like no water but now I drink like many water which is cool

I try to be online frequently, but my waking hours make no sense, and I live in a weird timezone anyway. However, feel free to talk to me if you want to.

  • Drinking: Water


ugh i have one achievement to go in game dev tycoon and like this game isn't even fun but i feel compelled to get this last achievement because it's the last one but it's also absurdly hard to get and like ??? i actually hate achievements in games because it's really unsatisfying to see incomplete ones in my steam library but playing a game just to try and get achievements makes the gameplay feel really hollow and pushes me to play games in a style that isn't as enjoyable as my usual play style
then there are people who legitimately like having achievements in a game and i get that it's an incentive and that it feels really nice when you get them but it doesn't get close to making up for it in my eyes
idk man this shit isn't fun though
hey so here's a cool concept when people get angry about something it probably means they care about it and think it's important and claiming that someone's being overemotional or caring too much about that thing probably means you don't care about it and don't think it's important and i can tell you right now if you don't care about something it's probably because it doesn't impact you and as such maybe you should try debating something that's actually your fucking business?
nobody needs a devil's advocate and quite frankly if you are going into a political discussion that doesn't directly impact you just to piss people off and then claim that their anger somehow invalidates their point you are the biggest fucking asshole you could possibly be so good job in reaching your full potential of unlikeability
you have no idea how long i thought "more like x" was some sort of deviantart meme because of how often it would pop up as the title of pics on google images
hello it is the middle of summer why can i not hear my music over this fucking rainstorm
Do you know what year it is? That's right, it's 1950!

Now I'm gonna start this off by saying that my mum is the hardest working person I've ever met. Physically. She works in manual labour, usually food distribution. She goes to work early and starts working before everyone else, unpaid, because that's her work ethic. And she can do the work of two or three men, easily. Her current job hasn't seen a woman in it who was able to do the job for about 15 years, because the work is that heavy, and yet Mum is consistently at the top of the charts in her work output because she's just that good.

She's been having trouble in her current workplace since she started. She was actually a manager, but lost her position due to "sexual harassment" claims. The claims came from two men who were going for the same position, and one who is just generally a grump. They consisted of misheard comments, stuff taken out of context, and her having friendly hugs with other people in the workplace, because that's how people her age greet each other.

Now she's doing completely physical labour that's completely inappropriate for a woman who's almost 50 to be doing, which involves lifting 20kg crates and putting them into stacks of five (that go above the head. The reason other women couldn't stay in the job is because they couldn't get the fifth crate onto the stack), and then pushing that 100kg stack around. And then repeating that for about 8 or 9 hours. Mum's been in a lot of pain because of it, particularly back pain. Sometimes she's on driving, which is actually worse in some ways because it involves standing in one place for hours on end, and also Mum's not a very confident driver.

There have been sexist microaggressions and the likes in the workplace, as well as larger issues such as one man refusing to drive with Mum because she's a woman. Compliments, especially from superiors, often come with an implied "...for a woman" on the end of them.

Today, Mum had a work story that she refused to tell me in front of her husband, because he has like zero anger management and always makes things about him and his feelings and nobody wanted to listen to that. Usually though, she tells him about bad work experiences anyway, so I was very intrigued and worried about what had happened to change that.

Mum had to go and get some paperwork from the boss, who has been trying to push her out of the job for a while now. While she was in there, he changed the subject to her physical health. This isn't the first time he's done this, basically trying to tell her she should leave because she's physically unfit for the job. This is true, but she wouldn't be having to do heavy work all the time if she hadn't been pushed out of her management position. Also, she can't afford to just leave. She's the only employed person in the household and the government is stingy. Last time he did this, he went on about Mum going to the chiropractor for neck pain. This isn't a work-related injury, she puts her neck out while sleeping sometimes. Today though, he went on about her back, which she has only reported having issues with twice while working there, but according to him is "clearly an ongoing issue". He went on to say that the back problems could be due to a lack of "core strength", and when mum asked if he meant the muscles around the stomach, he became increasingly vague, going on about "all over strength and wellbeing", and other bullshit. He suggested that mum should work out outside of work hours, and asked her if she was active outside of work. He then added that "housework doesn't count as being active."


This man knows nothing, NOTHING, about Mum's personal life. But clearly because she's a woman, the only thing close to exercise she does is housework. He doesn't know how she's always the first person to volunteer to help people shift into new houses. He doesn't know about the heavy renovation jobs she does whenever she has the money. And you know what else he doesn't know? How much fucking exercise it takes to to the fucking housework. Because, you know, that's a woman's job.

I'll tell you right now when two men decided they would have to use a forklift to get a spa into a customer's trailer, Mum was the one who picked it up, on her own, by hand. Mum is a fucking hero, and anyone who wouldn't fight to keep her on staff doesn't deserve her.


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