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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist WaapFuFemale/New Zealand Groups :iconmicrocourt: Microcourt
what is this? a court for ants?!
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My baby was painting this for almost a whole month. I think it looks awesome. <3 <3
:iconnimphradora:Nimphradora 8 5
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WaapFu's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
New Zealand
I'm a very sad and very gay young adult who lives with her mum. I like drawing and painting, listening to music, playing crappy computer games, and dying slowly.
I like to think of myself as a good artist. I don't have a very specific art style at this time, especially when it comes to digital art. I should get there eventually.

As an artist, my strengths lie in my use of strong texture and contrast, and my patience that lets me do intricate details and rendering. Or at least that was the case in school.

Other cool fun facts about myself:
  • I have three cats: Noodles, Staunch, and Perfect for Beach Cricket (Beach Cricket or BC for short)
  • I dropped out of my last year of high school
  • I used to have about forty pets as a child despite living in a city, and about half of them were guinea pigs
  • I'm a Capricorn, born in the year of the Ox
  • My favourite animals are goats and rats
  • i like animals ok
  • I like a range of music genres, mostly alternative pop/rock and weird metal with way too many genre tags. There are plenty of exceptions, though.
    • At the moment, I'm especially into Coldplay and The Mars Volta
  • I like getting my hair dyed. It's currently green.
  • My favourite colour is green, with pink coming in at second
    • I generally don't like green and pink together, though
  • I used to drink like no water but now I drink like many water which is cool

I try to be online frequently, but my waking hours make no sense, and I live in a weird timezone anyway. However, feel free to talk to me if you want to.

  • Drinking: Water


There's a couple of drunk blokes in the house that keep singing House of the Rising Sun and wow I sure do wish I had more doors to close
Just stumbled upon this political debate in a stream and the chat was like, 90% this one person who was spouting shit about how antifas are the "real Nazis". I'm probably gonna regret this tonight because I'm incredibly tired but the rest of my activity feed is already an embarrassing mess so whatever.

I really want to get this straight: when antifas talk about "Nazis" they are talking about Neo-Nazis and other people who advocate for things like white supremacy, eugenics, and genocide. They aren't "throwing around buzzwords" or "calling people names". If you claim that the "real Nazis" are the antifas as if we're talking about "Grammar Nazis" or some shit, you aren't being some linguistic hero and saving people from those crazy bullies on the internet, you're protecting literal Nazis who legitimately want to exterminate people from the judgement and discouragement they deserve.

It's also worth saying that having a nice political debate isn't going to make them go away. These are people in an intersectional position of power who more often than not consider themselves outcasts or otherwise seperate from the rest of society. As such, they aren't debating from a position where being on the "losing" side would actually impact their livelihood in a tangible way, and they aren't going to be swayed by the idea that the vast majority of people disagree with them. In an ideal world, we could just talk it out with zero violence, but this is not an ideal world, and talking it out will do jack shit. Violence is a tangible threat, and something that they would actually care about. When people talk about punching Nazis, it's not about showing off or venting or anything like that, it's about rejecting Nazis in a way that has a legitimate impact. This is not the time to tread lightly.

On a similar note, when you say something on the internet, like "gas all x people" or "x race is objectively inferior", even if you honestly intend it to be a joke, if people can't tell that it is a joke it will have the exact same impact as if you honestly meant it. Intentions don't count for shit if you don't communicate them to others. If you say "kill all gays" or "Hitler did nothing wrong" as a joke and don't make it absolutely clear that you don't honestly mean it, I can assure you that there will be someone who not only agrees with the statement, but will feel encouraged and supported by the fact that people are standing behind them. There will also be plenty of people in demographics frequently targeted by white supremacists and other common Western hate groups who will see your joke and feel unsafe because of it.

I understand centrists who want to treat everyone equally, and who say things like "violence is never OK regardless of the target". Ideally, we wouldn't have to hurt people to get messages across, and everyone would be able to talk things out rationally, listen to and accept others, and generally be both logically and emotionally sound, but we are dealing with empowered extremists who are disconnected from both societal pressures and reason.

People are dying because of this shit, and that's not gonna stop on its own. It's not easy, and it's really not nice, but now's not the time to turn a blind eye.
ugh i have one achievement to go in game dev tycoon and like this game isn't even fun but i feel compelled to get this last achievement because it's the last one but it's also absurdly hard to get and like ??? i actually hate achievements in games because it's really unsatisfying to see incomplete ones in my steam library but playing a game just to try and get achievements makes the gameplay feel really hollow and pushes me to play games in a style that isn't as enjoyable as my usual play style
then there are people who legitimately like having achievements in a game and i get that it's an incentive and that it feels really nice when you get them but it doesn't get close to making up for it in my eyes
idk man this shit isn't fun though
hey so here's a cool concept when people get angry about something it probably means they care about it and think it's important and claiming that someone's being overemotional or caring too much about that thing probably means you don't care about it and don't think it's important and i can tell you right now if you don't care about something it's probably because it doesn't impact you and as such maybe you should try debating something that's actually your fucking business?
nobody needs a devil's advocate and quite frankly if you are going into a political discussion that doesn't directly impact you just to piss people off and then claim that their anger somehow invalidates their point you are the biggest fucking asshole you could possibly be so good job in reaching your full potential of unlikeability
you have no idea how long i thought "more like x" was some sort of deviantart meme because of how often it would pop up as the title of pics on google images


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